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Tim’s experience with the AR-15 Trigger Job in a Bag

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As an instructor for Dry-Fire, I wanted to write today about a product that can transform your Ar-15 in about 45 min. I’m talking about the AR-15 Trigger Job in a Bag. We at Dry-Fire were introduced to this product about one year ago. We kicked the idea around for awhile, trying to decide if a $30 product could really perform like a $120-130 gunsmith job. We finally caved in and purchased a kit.

After examining the contents and instructions I figured it was worth trying. After about 45 min. I had the kit in, the take up screw adjusted, and the fire control group functioning. Upon the first trigger pull against a snap cap, I couldn’t believe the night-and-day difference! The trigger was crisp and immediate with almost zero take-up in the trigger. Best of all, it took my awful, heavy trigger and turned it into a light, crisp trigger! I fell in love immediately.

I later added just a couple of drops of STP motor oil treatment to the fire control group components and continued dry-firing.  Over the next couple of pulls, the trigger became consistently light and easy to manipulate.

All in all, I couldn’t believe the performance of a $30 product as opposed to spending well over $100 at my local gunsmith. This product is a MUST for ANYONE with an AR-15. And for our price, it’s hard to say no. I would encourage you to give it a try. We were so impressed that we started carrying them in our online store to make them available to our customers.

Tim Bork, Instructor

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